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Undoubtedly, the role of high-quality raw materials beside modern and up-to-date machineries are determinative in all fields of food industries. Perhaps for this reason, investors are looking for efficient machines and high-quality raw materials to start up a business in these fields, unaware that a more determinate factor must be considered which is knowledgeable manpower who can produce quality products with standard raw materials and machineries. Based on our experiences the cause for investors failure in food industries, including bakery, confectionery, café and restaurant, is not only the lack of high-quality raw materials, modern machinery or inability for accurate advertising strategies but also in many cases, the absence of trained manpower

We know many food projects that have been able to purchase required machineries little by little due to the presence of skillful manpower and gradually they could grow their business or on the contrary, many other cases which despite costly initial investment to equip the project , have not been successful because of lack of experienced manpower.

 Bakesanat Co understands this essential necessity comes from 25 years of continuous work experience in bakery, confectionery and Horeca segments and the implementation of hundreds of food projects, established Bake Academy Training Center in a unique space with up-to-date facilities and equipment to give peace od mind to people who wants to enter food industries.

Our long-term plan is to expand training and educating skilled workers by holding professional theoretical and practical courses with the participation of national and international selected chefs in different fields such as, bakery, pastry, chocolatiers, ice cream and gelato, café and restaurant.

Bake academy first floor is a specialized training center for bread, pastry, chocolate and hot/cold drinks, and the second floor is for culinary line cooking training. A standard space well equipped to provide quality trainings for cooking, baking, and pastry lovers.

Briefly, distinctive services of Bake Academy are as follows:

  1. 400 square meters of standard educational space equipped with the best modern machineries in the world, in two very separate areas for bakery/pastry and cooking.
  2. Completely practical workshop courses under the supervision of the best chefs in the country.
  3. Providing valid national and international certificate.
  4. Consulting services for investors or enthusiastics who wants to launch a project in food industries.
  5. Possibility to sign training contracts with bakeries, confectionery shops, restaurant and café complexes to train their staffs in their place or in bake academy space.
  6. Possibility to introduce trained students in bakeacademy to food sector projects for employments.
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Our Teachers


Saeide Loovarz


Hanieh Taghavi


Setayesh Faraji


Ali Attar


Farid Mehdizadeh


Babak Rahmani


Hassan Zand Pouya


Shahrzad Shokouhivand